Breakup: enduring divorce

a book by Leo Averbach

A brutally honest tale of divorce. Written as a journal in real time, Averbach’s narrative interweaves his traumatic divorce with his psychotherapy. Two transformations unfold at once: Averbach’s marriage disintegrates while psychotherapy builds up something new, creating a compelling, unforgettable memoir.

About Breakup

  • A breakup story written by a man.

  • A portrayal of divorce executed from the inside.

  • A unique account of the role of therapy in recovery.

“Leo Averbach relates the process of experiencing the hurt, anger, and pain of betrayal and loss in full and uncut.” – Deborah L. Baker. Reader’s Choice.

“…a sensitive, insightful, detailed and inspiring book.” – Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. Psychotherapist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

“Leo Averbach has been there…inside the hell of divorce.” – David Knox, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology at East Carolina University, Marriage and Family Therapist.

“Gritty and powerful, Breakup is an emotion-filled, heartrending read.” – Cherie Mangum. Apex Reviews.